Three banks, several beneficiaries, dozens of non-performing loans and a public debt, placed on the public shoulders. Five years ago, the events of the operation “Theft of the Century” took place. This banknote is a symbol of those events. This artwork illustrates a few details, symbols and hidden gems, thus completing the “puzzle” of the operation.

Up until now, the billion hasn’t been found yet.

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03.10.2016 - The day when the Parliament majority votes to transform the two state guarantees into public debt, 25 billions MDL, in total

Banca Națională a Moldovei The state’s central bank, which played one of the most important roles in bank fraud: introduced special administration at BEM, Banca Socială, Unibank

Edelweiss Flower Rich alpine flower, a symbol of the purity of charitable acts

Dorin Drăguțanu’s signature The governor of the National Bank during the time when the fraud took place

Unibank One of the 3 liquidated banks

The coat of arms of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova

Operation Titirezul The alternative tag the media gave to the “Theft of the Century”

Penitentiary #13 Popular destination for political opponents of the fraud’s beneficiaries

Laundromat The process of money laundering through which the criminals give the illusion that their profit was obtained in honest ways

Special law enforcement unit

Three red roses The symbol of the Democratic Party, the party directly involved in the theft

Maybach Car A special thanks from Ilan Șor to Vlad Plahotniuc

Orheiland Amusement park in Orhei, built by Ilan Șor for the sympathy, entertainment and vote of the locals from Orhei

Champagne Bottle Essential accessory to parties in noble hotels and at those organized by young Moldovan students living in Switzerland and London

Jasmine flower A vine plant that prefers special care and attention

Borsetka Leather briefcase, usually used for holding and carrying documents, contracts and lots of cash

Helicopter Transportation used by some of the actors involved in the theft, including as Plan B to escape the country

“Sic vita est” The Latin equivalent of a famous quote by Andrian Candu: “Viața este viață”

The briefing stand The media is still waiting for the main beneficiary of the robbery to be found

Puppeteer Artist at a puppet theater that, during the performances, handles, controls and dictates the dolls

Boxing Gloves of Constantin Ţuțu, a former K1 champion, a man from Vlad Plahotniuc’s entourage, directly involved in the fraud

Nobil Hotel The hotel that belongs to Vlad Plahotniuc, the place where secret meetings took place, including hidden recordings, later to be used as incriminating evidence

Private Jets belonging to Ilan Șor and Vlad Plahotniuc

Offshore Most of the stolen money disappeared into offshore accounts

Chișinău International Airport The airport, under concession, widely used by the beneficiaries for smuggling

Switzerland The state where the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc holds some of his fortune

Apple The symbol of the Șor Party, whose president is Ilan Șor

Black Box “Cutia Neagră” Mariana Rață’s show, on TV8, that thoroughly investigated the theft

Banca Socială One of the 3 liquidated banks

BEM The largest of the 3 liquidated banks

Oak tree The symbol of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova, whose president was Vlad Filat

13.11.2014 The day the Leancă Government secretly signed the decision of granting the first state guarantee to the three banks

A project by Mariana Rață

TV8: Mariana Rață
Natalia Morari
Liliana Enachi
Denis Zavorotnii

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